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Semester     :  3rd semester

Branche(s)   :  MECHANICAL engineering and Production engineering


Publisher      :  LAKSHMI Publications

Edition        :  First Edition June 2009

Price            :   Rs. 250 (Prices are subject to change without prior notice)

Syllabus       :  Click here to download

Contents      :  Click here to download  

This book “Engineering Thermodynamics” is written to serve the needs of under graduate students embarking introductory course in Engineering Thermodynamics. This book is designed to meet the requirement of revised syllabus prescribed by the Anna University effective from June 2009 for 3rd Semester Mechanical and Production Engineering students of its affiliated colleges.

Unit I deals with basic concepts, concept of continuum, macroscopic approach, Zeroth law of thermodynamics, First law of thermodynamics applied to closed and open systems and steady flow process with reference to various thermal equipments. 

Unit II has an in depth dealing of second law of Thermodynamics, reversibility and irreversibility, Carnot cycle, reversed Carnot cycle, Thermodynamic temperature scale, Clausius inequality, Concept of entropy, and availability.

Unit III deals with properties of pure substances, phase rule, p-V, p-T, T-V, T-s, h-s diagrams, pVT surfaces, calculations of work and heat for non-flow and flow processes, standard rankine cycle, reheat and regenerative cycle.

Gas mixtures, Avagadro’s law, Vander waal’s equation of states, compressibility, compressibility chart. Dalton’s law of partial pressure, T-D relations, Maxwell relations, Clausius clapeyron equations, Joule Thomson coefficient are discussed in detail in Unit IV.

Psychrometry and charts, air vapour mixtures, psychrometric processes, adiabatic mixing, and evaporative cooling are elaborately treated in Unit V.

Important solved problems and Past examination Anna University Question Paper solved problems have been added in each unit which will enable the students to score high marks in the University examinations. In addition to this, two mark questions and answers are added at the tail end of each unit.

Though efforts have been taken aiming at a ‘zero flaw’ content, we do recognize that mistakes may have inadvertently crept in. We welcome constructive criticisms on any specific topics of this book.